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03.09.2009 20:05
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Ola Jungs...
Ich hab gerade mal ne coole übersetzung des Interviews gelesen... Da hab ich mir mal gedacht ich hau auch hier mal die Originalfassung rein... ihr könnt euch das ja nochmal neu übersetzung denn auf der Front sind krasse Fehler drin...ich schau mal evtl Übersetz ich es euch nochmal...

1) First off, I would like to thank all the fans and the team for being supportive and caring about my condition. I am doing well and recovering fast. To make things clear about my operation, I would like to explain what is going on. I had an infection of the valve in which was operated on. In order to save my life the doctors needed to perform emergency open heart surgery to fix the problem and prevent any further damage.

2) I will be able to skate at the end of September with no contact. I will return to Hamm come the first week of November. By my return I will have recovered 100% and will be stronger than last year. It will be up to the coach and team to decide whether or not I will play.

3) There is no reason for me to give up. Though this is a huge set back and not as planned. I will return in the best shape I can. This is just motivation for me to get back onto my feet. It is very hard but I am strong and will continue to fight at all cost.

4) I have maintained contact with friends in Hamm throughout the summer. I have come very close to some and have made friends who I’ll never forget. I did come back in May for a visit. I have spent my whole summer looking forward to my return. I have followed the team and the new comers. I very much like what I have read and seen with the new young stars team. If there is anything online about the young stars I will read it.

5) For this upcoming season I believe that we do have one of the strongest teams in the league. I wouldn’t expect nothing less than the top three come the end of December. Our goal is to make it to the next league. I give credit to Frank, coach and the president for bringing a solid team together.

Finally the fans of the Young Stars are the greatest in the league. I personally send greetings to every fan. I can wait for my return and look forward to being a part of the team once again.
Thank you.


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